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Welcome to BIOL 2234: Introduction to Human Anatomy. The ‘Intro’ course is a 4-credit hour cadaver-based course. Although not as in-depth as the main human anatomy course (BIOL 2255), students gain a solid understanding of human anatomy, one that will prepare them well for their graduate programs. The course is taught in a “flipped format” instead of the traditional lecture type setting. In a flipped format, active learning type class, all lectures are recorded and given online. Students view the lectures beforehand and prepare for in-class activities over important topics from the lectures. Immediately following in-class activities, students enter lab to study the prosected cadavers (cadavers dissected by students in the larger BIOL 2255 human anatomy course). We teach using a regional approach to anatomy. Because the course is cadaver-based, we base each unit of study on a different region of the body, learning all there is to know from many different systems in that region (circulatory, muscular, skeletal, etc). This differs from the traditional, system-based approach to teaching anatomy.

Below, we share some of the activities we use for each regional unit of study in this course. Feel free to download and use any of the activities included here.

Back, Gluteal region, axilla and upper and lower extremities.

Unit I

Unit II


Unit III

Unit IV

head and neck

Unit v


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