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The University of Oklahoma boasts one of the largest human anatomy programs in the state. We are unique for an undergraduate program in Oklahoma because we have a very large number of donors available for study each semester (16 cadavers) and students enrolled in the courses do all dissections/study on their assigned cadavers. Our amazing team of instructors (five in each lab section for the larger course and three in the smaller introductory course) are highly skilled in teaching in a cadaver-based anatomy lab. Many have taken the course (and excelled) and have extensive training in guiding dissections and answering any questions students may have. There are two human anatomy courses in the program — our five credit hour BIOL 2255 Human Anatomy and our 4 credit hour BIOL 2234 Introduction to Human Anatomy. Learn more below.

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Here’s what some former students have to say about their OU anatomy experience. Check out their stories below.



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