Cindy and Jess explore all things anatomy related.

Ep01 - So You Want to Learn Anatomy (10/5/19)

Anatomy friends, it is finally here. What absolutely no one has been waiting for. We present to you our inaugural ‘Bodcast’! Our first in a series of podcasts covering all things anatomy related. So, if you have some time and are super bored, have a listen!

Ep02 - Friggatriskadekaphobia (12/20/19)

Got some time while you are traveling to visit family? Bored at the in-laws? Then give our next Anatomy Bodcast a listen! Come on, you know you are curious what this word means.

Ep03 - Pseudoscience Healthcare Products (3/6/20)

Wondering if the next newfangled fitness or healthcare product is legit or bunk, well, perhaps take a listen to our newest Bodcast where we discuss some of the “greatest hits” in past and current quack healthcare products.

Ep04 - Sexism in Anatomy (2/10/23)

Feeling hysterical? Well, maybe it’s time to get rid of that uterus! Find out why this used to be a thing, and learn all about more anatomical terms that have beginnings in our, shall we say, somewhat sexist past? (Note: We had some audio issues with this one. Hey, cut us some slack – it’s been a few years!)


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