Tune in to our ‘Bodcast’ podcasts covering all things human anatomy related. If you are interested in hearing about all the latest in science of the human body, current topics in healthcare, and interesting factoids, then take a listen. It’s so fun, Cindy and Jess just might make you want to change your career to anatomy!

Hearts for Minds

We partnered with a local non-profit, United Tissue Network (UTN), to participate in their Hearts for Minds program. A team made up of staff and students from UTN and OU brought the anatomy to local high schools. During the half-day program, local high school students dissected real human hearts, and examined preserved lungs, livers and kidneys. We hoped to motivate area high school students to eventually join the ranks of STEM! Although no longer a program (UTN is no longer in the area) we made lasting memories and hope to have another outreach program up and running soon!

Anatomy Alumni Seminars

After graduating from OU and their graduate programs, our amazing students go on to successful healthcare careers. And they never forget where they came from. These healthcare rock stars volunteer their time to visit the anatomy lab and answer questions from current students, and some are even able to provide students with coveted shadowing opportunities.

Tips, Tricks and Anatomy Lab Hacks

We’ve learned a lot in our many years running cadaver labs, and we want to share that information, particularly with those programs that may be smaller and not have as much program support. Much of this information is already known or used by many programs across the region. So feel free to use whatever ideas you find here. Let us know what you use in your courses!


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