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hometown: Phoenix, AZ

I have a BS in Life Sciences, and an MS in Biology, both from Arizona State University. As a graduate student, I studied reproductive physiology in sex-changing fish, and in rattlesnakes. I’m a mom of 4, a grandma of 7, and a dog mom of 2. I’ve been teaching Anatomy Lab since Fall 2008.


hometown: norman, ok

I graduated with a BS in Health and Exercise Science, and quickly fell in love with Anatomy during my time at OU. After being a part of the lab crew for several semesters, I taught Anatomy and Physiology at the secondary level for two years in Waco, TX. I am also a certified personal trainer and enjoy running, rock climbing, and yoga! I’m so excited to rejoin the Anatomy team!


hometown: plano, tx

Coming soon…..



hometown: pensacola, OK

I just graduated with my bachelor’s in Health & Exercise Science in 2022. I spent 2 years of my undergrad working for OU anatomy, and I am so excited to continue working here! I also currently work at Mercy Hospital in surgery while I prepare to apply to PA school. When I’m not doing school or working, I love spending time outdoors, being active, or spending time with my friends!


hometown: tulsa, ok

I graduated from OU in 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Public Health and I plan to apply to PA school for the following year. I was an undergraduate TA for Anatomy for about a year and I cannot be more excited to come back! I also work at a urologist as a medical assistant. I am originally from Tulsa and I love to work on carpentry outside of class! 

undergraduate teaching assistants

Kai Aza

Dallas, TX
Health & Exercise Science

Melynda Bretz

Kailua, HI
Health & Exercise Science
Pre-Physical Therapy

Emily Clement

Norman, OK
Health & Exercise Science
Pre-Occupational Therapy

Sarah Conway

Edmond, OK
Health & Exercise Science
Pre-Physical Therapy

Alberto Deleon

Tulsa, OK
Pre-Health Social Science

Connor Findley

Lexington, OK
Community Health
Pre-Physician Assistant

Kirsten Fuhrmann

Tacoma, WA
Pre-Physician Assistant

Emily Hanes

Moore, OK
Health & Exercise Science

Riley Henderson

Woodbridge, VA
Biology and Modern Dance
Pre-Physical Therapy

Anna Jones

Elgin, OK
Health & Exercise Science
Pre-Occupational Therapy

Avery Mathena

Edmond, OK
Health & Exercise Science
Pre-Physician Assistant

Katie McDonough

Edmond, OK
Pre-Physician Assistant

Payton Morrison

Fairfax, VA
Health & Exercise Science
Pre-Physical Therapy

Clay Neel

Norman, OK
Medical Imaging
Pre-Radiation Therapy

Savannah Phillips

Aurora, CO
Health & Exercise Science


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