Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) L. Gordon is a Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Oklahoma. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, she took a circuitous route to Oklahoma, earning her undergraduate degree at Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!), serving two years in the Peace Corps as a high school teacher in the Kingdom of Tonga, and then earning her master’s degree in Kentucky. After earning her doctorate in 2003 she took over the Human Anatomy program. Though she earned her stripes in paleontology research, she currently only teaches courses in human anatomy and senior seminar. During her time at OU she has built the human anatomy program into one of the largest and most successful undergraduate human anatomy programs in the state.

OUR TEAM leaders

Jess eberle

lab coordinator

hometown: Glen elder, ks

Born in Kansas and raised the good ole fashioned way on the farm, Jess earned his bachelor’s degree with a double major in biology and marine biology (wait…what?). After realizing there are no oceans in Kansas, Jess came to the big city and joined the anatomy team as a graduate student in the Biology Department. After earning his master’s degree studying sexual dimorphism in amphipods, he could no longer fight the call to be ‘livin’ the dream’ in anatomy and joined the team full time as our Lab Coordinator in 2016. He works tirelessly to keep the labs running smoothly. When Jess is not wearing his Lab Coordinator hat, he is an award-winning instructor, teaching at least one lab section each semester, and teaching the introductory human anatomy course in the spring and the large human anatomy course in the summer. If you pop into the anatomy lab at any given time (please don’t, it’s restricted access) you would find Jess there, prepping for class, working on a lab project, or spending time doing what he does best – working with the students to help them achieve success in anatomy and beyond!

Chanda robinson


Hometown: Booneville, mo

There is probably no one in the state of Oklahoma who has directly trained more undergraduate students in cadaver anatomy lab dissection than Chanda Robinson. After taking the course in 1986, with then course instructor Dr. Mary Whitmore, Chanda started as a teaching assistant in the anatomy labs the following year. Chanda has been a lab instructor almost every semester since then (she missed one). More than 100 students a year are under Chanda’s guidance in lab. Overall, she has mentored well over 3000 students in anatomy dissection! Chanda is a rock star, earning three bachelor degrees as an undergraduate at Randolph-Macon Women’s College – in biology, chemistry and accounting. Local legend has it that Chanda is the only person in human anatomy course history at OU to have missed only one question in the lab portion of the course – no easy feat. Even though her day job as an accountant keeps her busy, Chanda continues to work for us in labs because she loves working with students and hopes to instill in them her same passion for the human body.  


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